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January 2018 Archives

TBS facing racial discrimination lawsuit

Texas viewers of the cable channel TBS may be interested to learn that an African-American woman who worked there for 13 years has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the company. The former employee, who was a quality assurance manager, said that a white man with fewer qualifications and skills was promoted ahead of her.

Workplace sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace received a great deal of media coverage in Texas and around the country in 2017, with numerous high profile people in the entertainment industry and other occupations ending up resigning their positions as a result. Several surveys have been taken on the subject, and while the results are not necessarily consistent, they do show that it is indeed a problem.

Whistleblower wins retaliation and wrongful termination lawsuit

In Texas, there are protections in place for whistleblowers under both federal and state law. Whistleblowers are people who report co-workers for breaking laws or committing industry violations. Employers are forbidden from retaliating against employees who report colleagues, management or even executives for committing illegal acts.

3 examples of wage and hour violations

You work hard in order to obtain a living wage. The money you make undoubtedly goes toward making many necessary purchases to meet your daily needs and the needs of your family. Though you may not work in your ideal profession, you probably still appreciate the paycheck that you receive. Unfortunately, you may notice that your paychecks are not always correct.

Wage theft in Texas

Laws regarding overtime pay are more complex than they might appear. The first step in examining a question concerning overtime is determining whether the worker is exempt or non-exempt. An employee is deemed "exempt" when they are excluded from receiving overtime pay for working in excess of 40 hours per week. In other words, they are "exempt" from the rules of the Fair Labor Standards Act. A worker who is required to get overtime pay for working more than 40 hours per week is not exempt from the FLSA.

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