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February 2018 Archives

2nd Circuit ruling could alter interpretation of Title VII

Texas employers aknow that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects against various forms of discrimination against employees. Under Title VII, employers are not allowed to discriminate based on sex. However, there was some debate as to whether this applied to sexual orientation. Now, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit has ruled that this is the case.

Restaurant workers claim link between low wages, harassment

On Feb. 13, workers in seven cities lobbied for higher wages for restaurant workers on the grounds that this would reduce incidents of sexual harassment in their workplaces. According to the president of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, the federal minimum wage of $2.13 per hour combined with workers' dependence on tips leaves them more vulnerable to harassment from both customers and other workers. Texas is one of the states in which this remains the minimum wage for restaurant workers.

Former Vice employee files lawsuit

Generally speaking, Texas employers must pay workers equally for doing equal work. Vice Media, the national digital media giant, is facing a lawsuit from a former employee who claims that the company consistently paid female workers less than male workers. The suit also claims that these actions violated the Federal Equal Pay Act and similar laws in New York and California. The woman worked as a manager for the company for 12 years until 2016.

Are more workers recognizing wage theft?

Working hard for a wage is how most Texas residents earn their living. You may land among the numerous individuals who go to work day in and day out in order to obtain a paycheck that allows you to provide for yourself and your family. While your occupation may not be the most glamorous, or even what you truly want to do, you still appreciate the wages you earn.

Helping employers to prevent hostile work environments

Knowing how to use information is a key to survival in any Texas business. Staying in tune with market trends and keeping ahead of the curves can mean the difference in success or failure in any type of enterprise. Self-scouting is also important for prosperity. Recognizing the potential for dysfunction in an employment setting and eliminating problems before they fester is important in human resources. In the current social environment, employers need to know if they are at risk for a sexual harassment claim that could divide team members and destroy productivity.

Protecting the trademarks associated with your business

Protecting proprietary information and other intellectual property is a serious aspect of securing the interests of your business. As a Texas business owner, you would be wise to understand what you can do to appropriately register your trademarks and how you can protect them against infringement and the efforts of competitors. 

Complaints of sexual harassment sometimes solve the problem

When workers in Texas experience sexual harassment, they often decide not to report the problem. A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder asked 809 full-time workers in the private sector about their experiences. Overall, 12 percent of them acknowledged that they had been sexually harassed, but the vast majority, 72 percent, did not report it. For the minority of people who did complain, a full 75 percent of them said their employers resolved the issue.

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