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Company reputation and discrimination lawsuits

Many Texas employees have to deal with hostile and discriminatory workplaces. In some cases, the situation may become so severe that a worker decides to file a discrimination lawsuit. As a serious legal step, filing a claim can be intimidating to many people. This is particularly true in cases where the employer is very well known and has a positive image.

Being concerned about suing a major company with a positive public image is not unreasonable. In fact, research has shown that such companies are less likely to lose in a legal conflict over discriminatory behavior. This is sometimes known as the "halo effect" as the company's reputation could potentially protect it against even substantiated charges of discrimination and bias.

However, there is another factor to consider in these cases. When a well-known, highly regarded company does lose a discrimination lawsuit, the penalties levied can be far more severe than those placed on smaller, less reputable businesses. Essentially, the "halo" ends up being knocked off the company once it has been found responsible for illegal work conditions. Judges and juries are likely to demand more from these corporations.

While this is no assurance that a discrimination claim will be validated by the courts, it may mean that individuals experiencing unfair working conditions have a chance at receiving appropriate compensation. At the very least, it does show that high expectations can result in high levels of disappointment once it has been established that a major company has failed to protect its employees.

Individuals who experience workplace discrimination may benefit from speaking with an employment law attorney. Legal counsel could review the client's case and make recommendations regarding negotiations or, in some situations, pursuing litigation.

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