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April 2018 Archives

Is your trademark too similar to a registered mark?

One important factor in the creation of a new business is finding a way to get the public excited about it. You have a product or service you want to offer, and attracting customers is critical to your success. Undoubtedly, you ruminated about the best mark for your trade, something that would be easy to recognize and be memorable.

Employers don't need to pay for FMLA breaks

According to the Department of Labor (DOL), frequent breaks taken by an employee that is covered by FMLA are considered uncompensated time. This is because they are not being taken for the benefit of the employer. The DOL cited the fact that FMLA leave is unpaid when handing down its decision. Therefore, companies in Texas and throughout the country don't need to pay employees when they take a break because of a serious health condition.

Retailer agrees to settlement in discrimination lawsuit

Some black or Latino Texas residents who applied for but were rejected from a job at Target after a background check might be eligible to reapply for those jobs or could receive a payout. This agreement was part of the settlement by Target after a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of job applicants. The settlement is still pending court approval.

Independent contractors are largely unprotected at work

Today's workforce in Texas is rapidly changing with an increasing number of people engaging in contract work. While there are many more people who are working as independent contractors, the laws that protect people against workplace discrimination and harassment have not caught up to the changes.

3 questions to ask when considering business partners

A partnership is one of the different business entities you could choose to create when forming your own company. You may feel that this option best suits your needs in terms of business goals, liability and overall governing of your company. Of course, in order for such an arrangement to work in the best interests of everyone involved, a partner needs to be chosen carefully.

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