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May 2018 Archives

Reporting allegations of workplace sexual harassment

While many Texas employees and employers may be increasingly aware of sexual harassment in the workplace, some may not know whether they are responsible for reporting sexual harassment that may be occurring to another employee. It is true that there is no federal law that states that employees are required to report workplace harassment. However, this does not mean that they should stay quiet.

Women file pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against AT&T Mobility

Workplace discrimination based on a worker's protected class, including gender or pregnancy, is federally prohibited in Texas. Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination does occur. A federal lawsuit has been filed against AT&T Mobility by two women who allege that the company's attendance policy led to unfair discrimination against them based on pregnancy.

Keep trade secrets safe without unfairly limiting your workers

Does your business possess certain information that gives you an advantage over your competitors? Perhaps you have a specific method, design or recipe that is a great asset because it increases your bottom line and places you ahead of other businesses that are similar to yours. We typically refer to such assets as trade secrets, and your continued success may hinge upon how well you protect your own.                     

Women may face more age discrimination than men

Some older women in Texas may be facing age discrimination at even higher rates than men. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that as they age, women may face both age and sex discrimination, and the increased focus on a woman's appearance compared to that of an older man may increase the likelihood of discrimination. Furthermore, although the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 makes it illegal to discriminate against people who are 40 and over in the workplace, it can be difficult to prove.

Harassment raises red flag for future workplace discrimination

The #MeToo phenomenon has revealed that companies frequently ignore sexual harassment complaints. The removal of six high-level executives at Nike after female employees covertly surveyed their colleagues about workplace abuses highlighted years of inaction from the company's human resources department. In the view of one legal scholar, companies in Texas and nationwide should see harassment as the gateway to discriminatory complaints.

How the ADA affects your hiring process

As much as you want to create an open and welcoming environment in your workplace, you may find yourself becoming nervous when a person with a disability applies for a job. You certainly want to hire the best person for the position, and you have a general idea of how the Americans with Disabilities Act and Texas state laws protect employees and potential employees. Nevertheless, you may be uncertain of what is expected of you.

Caste discrimination can be a painful workplace concern

South Asian Americans in Houston can face multiple forms of workplace discrimination, including the little-discussed case of caste discrimination. Caste hierarchy has an ancient history, but it has also been the target of campaigns for equality in South Asia as well as in the United States. In comparison to open discussions about caste in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan or Nepal, however, the impact of caste on a person's life may go unrecognized in the U.S.

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