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June 2018 Archives

Pregnancy discrimination a problem for many American companies

Texas mothers and mothers-to-be might be familiar with the discrimination that can take place in the workplace when an employee is pregnant. Despite any claims employers might make about caring for the health of pregnant employees, it is illegal in the United States to terminate a pregnant worker's employment.

Is your non-compete agreement legally enforceable?

When you interviewed for your current job, your prospective employer may have told you that he or she requires all new employees to sign non-compete clauses in their contracts. You really needed the job, so you didn't fret much over it at the time. However, after being with the company for more than a year, you've decided it's time to move on. In searching for new employment opportunities, you began to worry that the contract you signed may limit your choices.

The myriad causes of the gender wage gap

In theory, Texas employers and others are supposed to pay individuals equally for performing equal work. However, 55 years after the Equal Pay Act was passed, women still generally make less than men for performing the same jobs. On average, a white woman makes 79 cents per dollar earned by a white male. A black woman makes 63 cents for every dollar a white male makes.

Wal-Mart and transgender employee settle discrimination claim

Texas employees may be interested to learn that Wal-Mart settled a discrimination lawsuit that had been filed by a transgender employee. The two parties filed a joint agreement to have the case dismissed in a federal North Carolina court. While the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, it was noted that the company admitted to no wrongdoing.

I think my employer is guilty of wage and hour violations

The vast majority of Texas residents are hard, loyal workers who just want fair treatment in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are those who have fallen victim to wage and hour violations. Do you think your employer is guilty of these types of violations? If you do, you may be able to do something about it.

How discharges can impact a veteran's employment opportunities

Veterans in Texas and elsewhere in the United States who are not honorably discharged may have difficulty finding employment. However, there is a middle ground between an honorable and dishonorable discharge, and those can be issued to those who are late or who use drugs. Some states are changing the rules to make sure that employers don't discriminate against those who were neither honorably or dishonorably discharged.

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