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July 2018 Archives

More sexual harassment reported in media than other industries

Texas moviegoers and entertainment buffs may be interested to learn that, according to a study, 41 percent of women who are employed in the media and entertainment industry reported that they experienced sexual harassment from a boss or a colleague at some point during their careers. Further, 22 percent of men employed in the media industry reported that they had also experienced instances of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment in pediatric offices

Texas pediatric facilities can prevent sexual harassment by instituting policies that establish effective prevention and education methods. The policies should also provide no leniency for inappropriate actions, create clear rules and tools for addressing concerns and include suitable responses. It's important to note that people who work in environments rife with sexual harassment may suffer a decline in work performance and morale.

Your rights when your boss offers a severance package

Out of nowhere, your Texas employer called you into a meeting room and announced that the company was letting you go. Maybe you expected it, or maybe you were blindsided. Perhaps you can even connect your termination with a negative event, such as a complaint you registered with HR. Whatever led to your firing, if your boss offers you a severance package, you should understand the reasons behind it and your obligations if you accept it.

EEOC reported to be investigating Uber

Texas residents may be aware that some of the nation's largest and most innovative technology companies have been accused of treating female and minority workers unfairly. Uber's co-founder and CEO was ousted in June 2017 after a former engineer wrote about how she had been harassed and discriminated against during her time with the company, and media outlets reported on July 16 that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has launched an investigation into the employment practices of the ride-sharing giant.

Cities working to keep hotel employees safe

Hotel employees in Texas and throughout the nation can be vulnerable to sexual harassment on the job. However, some cities are taking steps to offer protection. In Seattle, hotel workers were given panic buttons in 2016 to use in case of an attack. Workers in New York City who are in unions have had that technology since 2013. A group called United Here has surveyed members to determine the prevalence of sexual assault among housekeepers.

Suing for emotional distress damages

Workers in Texas might be able to seek financial damages for the emotional distress they incur if they suffered specific forms of workplace discrimination or harassment. This type of compensatory damages may be pursued in employment discrimination cases that are filed under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

What if your boss asks you to work off-the-clock?

When your boss asks you to stay later than your scheduled hours, you likely appreciate the opportunity to earn a little extra money. Every little bit helps, and if you stay late often enough, you may even qualify for overtime pay. However, what happens if your boss asks you to stay after you have already clocked out?

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