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How can you know if you are entitled to overtime pay?

When a person works over his or her allotted number of hours in the day, that person could be eligible for overtime pay. The concept of overtime pay is to ensure that workers receive fair compensation for working long stretches of time past when they normally have to work. There are laws in place regarding fair pay, including overtime, and you may find it beneficial to learn how these laws apply to you.

A federal regulation, the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as applicable state laws, determine who qualifies for overtime pay and who does not. You may need to find out if your employer falls under the FLSA and how you can shield your right to fair pay. If you are not receiving fair wages, you have the right to seek appropriate pay and fight for what your Texas employer still owes you.

What is the FSLA and what does it mean for you? 

The FSLA is a federal act that guarantees the right to overtime pay for certain employees. Per the FSLA, overtime rates are time and a half. You may need to first figure out whether or not the FSLA applies to you, which you can do by determining if you are a nonexempt employee. Nonexempt employees can expect to make overtime pay when working overtime hours. You may be nonexempt if the following apply to you:

  • You earn less than $23,600 per year, which is less than $455 per week.
  • You may be nonexempt if you are not a salaried employee.
  • You may qualify for guaranteed overtime pay if you are not in a management position.

As an employee, you may have to advocate for your own rights and interests. This means that you will find it beneficial to know what types of pay you have a right to, as well as how to take the appropriate steps to seek any unpaid wages. 

Fighting back against unfair wage practices 

You do not have to stand for unfair wage practices from your employer. If your employer owes you back pay, or you are a nonexempt employee, yet you are not receiving overtime pay, there are steps you can take. You deserve an explanation of your legal options, as well as assistance as you fight for your appropriate wages. Many employees are afraid to speak out over fears of retaliation or other negative consequences, but you do not have to fight for your rightful pay alone.

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