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November 2018 Archives

L'Oreal's racial discrimination lawsuit

Employees in Texas and elsewhere in the U.S. who feel that they have faced workplace discrimination may be interested in the development of a recent lawsuit against L'Oreal. The plaintiff, a former vice president of digital marketing for the beauty supply company, is suing for racial discrimination that concluded with her being fired.

Nurse should be paid overtime for on-call work, court says

Some on-call Texas employees may be eligible for overtime pay even if they do not work throughout the entire on-call shift. In an Ohio case, a court ruled that a nurse who was on call every other weekend should have been paid overtime because of the lack of personal time the work allowed her.

Gaming company faces discrimination lawsuit

Some people in Texas may have read an investigative report published a few months earlier by Kotaku that said the company Riot Games had a culture of harassment and discrimination. Riot Games is facing a lawsuit from a former and a current employee alleging a sexually hostile workplace, violation of the California Fair Pay Act and gender-based discrimination.

Mothers experience disproportionate workplace discrimination

It's been recognized for some time that the average female worker in Texas earns less than a male counterpart performing the same duties, and significant attention has been focused on this issue in an effort to level the playing field. Although some progress has been made, a clear wage gap continues to exist. With this background, it may seem surprising to learn that a subset of women in the workplace are the subject of even more pronounced discrimination: moms.

Growing contractor labor force lacks discrimination protections

As more people in Texas and across the country operate in the "gig economy," they could lose key protections against workplace discrimination. Most people don't expect to face racial, gender, age or disability discrimination on the job, especially as they are prohibited by law. However, American employment laws are largely made to protect employees, and people who work as freelancers and independent contractors often aren't covered by the provisions of those labor laws.

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