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Do you get paid for coming in on your day off for a meeting?

Sometimes, it's just not possible to schedule a meeting that can include all of the relevant people at a time convenient for everyone. This means that you might have to come into work on your day off in order to attend a mandatory meeting.

If you happen to be one of the people affected by this quandary, then you may wonder whether you get paid for attending that meeting. The answer is -- maybe.

Do you earn a salary?

If your employer and the law consider you a salaried employee, your employer does not have to pay you for your time when you come in for a mandatory meeting on your day off. Even so, your boss can require you to attend even though the meeting happens on a day when he or she has not scheduled you to work. This falls under the same concept as the one that says you are not entitled to overtime.

Do you get paid by the hour?

If your employer and the law consider you an hourly employee, your employer must pay you for your time if you come into work on your day off for a mandatory meeting. If attending pushes you over the 40-hour per week limit, then you are also entitled to overtime pay for any time over 40 hours. However, if the meeting is not mandatory, happens outside of the company's normal hours of operation or does not relate to your job, your employer does not have to pay you if you attend. Of course, if it's not a mandatory meeting, you may choose not to go in at all on your day off.

Did your employer fail to pay you?

If you are like most people, you scrutinize your paychecks to make sure that your pay is correct. If you discover that your employer did not pay you for a mandatory meeting you attended during the relevant pay period, you have the right to request payment for that time if you qualify for it. One instance of not paying you for a meeting probably does not give rise to a wage and hour dispute unless you also experience other issues, such as a failure to receive overtime pay as the law requires.

However, if this turns into a pattern, then it may constitute a legal issue. If you need help making that determination, then you may benefit from making use of the legal resources available to you here in the Houston area.

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