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December 2018 Archives

How do the holidays affect your workers' paychecks?

The holidays may bring comfort and joy to many, but if you are a business owner or manager, your holidays may consist of headaches and worry. Your employees may be wanting time off for celebrations, spending time shopping online, and more concerned about the office Christmas party than completing their tasks. In the midst of the scheduling nightmare, you may be confused about your budget, especially when it comes to holiday pay for your workers.

Women more likely to identify harassment at work

Women in Texas workplaces often have different views of sexual harassment than their male colleagues. While this may seem to be common sense to many people, it is also backed up by the results of a nationwide survey of male and female workers. The questions about sexual harassment were included in the American Family Survey, a poll with questions about marriage, children and public policy. Questioners asked respondents about various types of behavior, asking whether each action was a form of harassment.

Investigation finds Tesla has a racism problem

Texas workers may have had their own experiences with racism or discrimination in the workplace. According to the New York Times, Tesla has had several complaints from black workers about how they were treated while at the company. Among the complaints includes racial slurs being used, offensive drawings on bales of cardboard and not being given opportunities to advance within the company. While the company denies the allegations, a lawsuit was filed in 2017 by three former Tesla employees.

Trademark infringement and other examples of unfair competition

No Texas business owner wants his or her company's success unfairly undermined by competitors. While competition is most often unavoidable when it comes to any type of business venture, companies could carry out certain actions that do not necessarily benefit their operations but that do harm the operations of another company.

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