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How breastfeeding discrimination impacts mothers

Texas mothers who return to work after giving birth still need to take care of their children. However, not all employers provide the resources that they need to successfully breastfeed. Workers who are denied accommodations and speak out against their employers could be at risk of losing their jobs. According to one study, roughly 66 percent of those who claimed breastfeeding discrimination were eventually out of work.

Breastfeeding discrimination can take a variety of forms, such as comments about a woman's breasts or not being given a private place to pump milk. Workers who are terminated for asking for breaks to pump milk could also be victims of discrimination. Research indicates that such discrimination is more likely to occur to women who work in fields dominated by men. Although females make up 16 percent of workers in such fields, they accounted for 43 percent of breastfeeding discrimination claims.

There can be a variety of health issues for women who are not allowed to breastfeed or do so properly. For instance, they could experience painful infections or have a diminished supply of milk. Women may also find that their ability to do a job properly is questioned just because they are trying to raise children. This can have negative financial consequences today and in the long run for a female worker.

Individuals who face workplace discrimination for any reason may be able to take legal action against their employers. Action may include making a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or filing a lawsuit against the employer. In some cases, action will be taken in private to resolve the case. An attorney could help a worker get a favorable outcome regardless of how the matter is resolved.

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