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Filing a formal complaint at work may help address wrongdoing

Problems at work can make anyone's life feel off balance. You may stress that your employer thinks you are not doing a good job, or you may feel that you are not getting along with your co-workers. While these feelings can stem from relatively harmless twinges of anxiety, it is also possible to feel uncomfortable at work due to mistreatment.

Though employment laws work to protect you and other workers from discrimination, sexual harassment, wage violations and other issues, employers do not always adhere to the law. As a result, you may face illegal treatment on the job and soon dread even going into work. However, you do not simply have to accept that mistreatment.

Filing a complaint

If you believe that your employer, supervisors or co-workers are acting unfairly or even illegally, it may be in your best interests to file a formal complaint with the appropriate parties. Typically, the human resources department handles such complaints, but if no department exists, you should still have the ability to file a complaint with your direct supervisor or another applicable person.

When making a formal complaint, the following steps may apply:

  • First, you will likely need to draft your complaint in the form of a letter. This letter can detail the events you experienced, who participated in them and when they occurred.
  • After writing your letter, you need to ensure that the appropriate person receives it. Therefore, it is wise to personally deliver your complaint to the HR representative or your supervisor to make sure he or she cannot say it was never received.
  • After reviewing your complaint, a follow-up meeting may occur in which you, the HR rep, your supervisor, the parties you named in your complaint or other parties may further discuss your concerns. Management may ask you questions to better understand your situation and to hopefully reach a resolution to the problems.

The unfair treatment you have faced may already have you on edge, so the idea of taking these steps may cause you more anxiety. Still, filing a formal complaint may help bring an end to the wrongdoing.

Having legal assistance

In many cases, having support during these times can help make the already stressful situation somewhat easier. You may want to consider speaking with a Texas employment law attorney about your predicament to better understand your options. This legal professional could help you draft your complaint, attend any follow-up meetings with you and help you take further action if the formal complaint does not yield appropriate action from management.

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