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Did you face unfair treatment after filing a complaint at work?

Going to work is something that most people do on an almost daily basis. You may have enjoyed your employment for the most part, but there are instances in which you may feel as if the environment is not the best. While you may have let some issues slide at first, you have likely felt the need to speak up if you experienced or witnessed wrongdoing continually.

In many cases, employees can follow policies set out by their employers when it comes to filing complaints. Though you may have followed this process when expressing your concerns about harassment, discrimination or other issues at work, the situation may not have garnered the outcomes you desired.

Did you face retaliation?

If you started facing unfair treatment at work after filing a complaint, you may hope it is a coincidence, but you likely know better. It is not unusual for employers, managers, supervisors and other parties to begin treating workers unfavorably after they file complaints. Though it can be difficult to determine whether the treatment you have faced is retaliation, it is a possibility. Some examples of retaliatory actions include the following:

  • Demotions
  • Reduced pay
  • Unwarranted poor performance reviews
  • Termination
  • Transfers to less favorable departments
  • Scheduling to unfavorable work hours

It is important to note that these actions do not always constitute retaliation. For instance, if the company is experiencing staffing issues, you could face a reassignment as a result of that problem. However, if a reassignment, especially a negative one, comes soon after filing a complaint, you may have reason to suspect retaliation.

Protected activity

Additionally, in order for unfavorable actions to fall into the category of retaliation, you must have first participated in an activity protected by law. For example, filing a complaint about harassment, discrimination or other wrongdoing you experienced or witnessed in the workplace is a protected activity. Participating in investigations or a lawsuit involving the complaint is also a protected activity.

If you believe that you faced retaliation, you may want to consider your legal options. In many cases, employees have reason to file legal claims against their employers for retaliatory actions, and you may want to discuss your specific situation with a Texas attorney experienced in this area of law. Obtaining an evaluation of your concerns could help you determine whether taking legal action is in your best interests.

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