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How breastfeeding discrimination impacts mothers

Texas mothers who return to work after giving birth still need to take care of their children. However, not all employers provide the resources that they need to successfully breastfeed. Workers who are denied accommodations and speak out against their employers could be at risk of losing their jobs. According to one study, roughly 66 percent of those who claimed breastfeeding discrimination were eventually out of work.

Court rules ADEA does not apply to job applicants

In Texas and across the United States, workers who are 40 or older have long been protected from discrimination based on their age. But a recent court decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit has raised concerns. The decision seeks to draw a distinction between older employees and older job applicants, with a holding that the law only protects workers from discrimination in their current position.

Former employees sue for age discrimination

Former agents of a large insurance company that provides coverage in Texas and around the country are suing their former employer for age discrimination. The lawsuit claims that the insurance company fired the workers due to their age in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. It also claims that the workers were wrongly classified as independent contractors because the insurance agency controlled nearly all of their job duties directly.

Former Blizzard employee describes race discrimination

Texas residents who are fans of gaming might be interested in learning that an ex-employee of Blizzard posted a description of ongoing racial discrimination that he encountered while working for the company. He did so following the reveal of the sexual orientation of Soldier 76 in "Overwatch".

Retaliation common in sexual harassment cases

Some may wonder why some Texas women who have been victims of sexual harassment at work choose not to report the perpetrators or take action to put a stop to the behavior. Unfortunately, statistics gathered by the University of Massachusetts Amherst Center for Employment Equity make clear why workers in a bad situation often feel forced to make difficult choices. Most employees who complain about harassment on the job face some kind of retaliation at work, according to the researchers.

Discrimination at work could violate one or more federal laws

Employers in Texas must comply with multiple federal laws to ensure that their employees are not victims of discriminatory pay practices. The Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Equal Pay Act form the foundation of fair pay practices. The employee rights established by these laws set the standards used to decide disputes between employers and employees.

Women more likely to identify harassment at work

Women in Texas workplaces often have different views of sexual harassment than their male colleagues. While this may seem to be common sense to many people, it is also backed up by the results of a nationwide survey of male and female workers. The questions about sexual harassment were included in the American Family Survey, a poll with questions about marriage, children and public policy. Questioners asked respondents about various types of behavior, asking whether each action was a form of harassment.

Investigation finds Tesla has a racism problem

Texas workers may have had their own experiences with racism or discrimination in the workplace. According to the New York Times, Tesla has had several complaints from black workers about how they were treated while at the company. Among the complaints includes racial slurs being used, offensive drawings on bales of cardboard and not being given opportunities to advance within the company. While the company denies the allegations, a lawsuit was filed in 2017 by three former Tesla employees.

L'Oreal's racial discrimination lawsuit

Employees in Texas and elsewhere in the U.S. who feel that they have faced workplace discrimination may be interested in the development of a recent lawsuit against L'Oreal. The plaintiff, a former vice president of digital marketing for the beauty supply company, is suing for racial discrimination that concluded with her being fired.

Gaming company faces discrimination lawsuit

Some people in Texas may have read an investigative report published a few months earlier by Kotaku that said the company Riot Games had a culture of harassment and discrimination. Riot Games is facing a lawsuit from a former and a current employee alleging a sexually hostile workplace, violation of the California Fair Pay Act and gender-based discrimination.

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