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EEOC reports increase in sexual harassment claims

Sexual harassment has affected the lives of many workers in Texas. It has been the subject of nationwide controversy during the last several months. One year after the New York Times released its first investigation on Harvey Weinstein, the EEOC reports that sexual harassment complaints have increased by 12 percent.

How workers feel about sexual harassment

Roughly 35 percent of workers throughout Texas and the rest of the U.S. say they have experienced harassment on the job. This is according to the 2018 Hiscox Workplace Harassment Study that included 500 full-time workers. Of those who said they experienced harassment, half said that it was based on their gender or sex. Companies that fail to recognize and work to put an end to harassment could face negative consequences.

EEOC getting tougher on age discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission settled an employment case with the Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain for $12 million. The restaurant will also be required to make changes to its recruitment and hiring practices with regard to older applicants. The EEOC has been newly aggressive in asserting claims under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Former Nike workers allege gender discrimination in lawsuit

Women workers at some of the most high-profile companies in Texas and across the country may face the same problems with gender discrimination as those in warehouses, on factory floors or in small business offices. One lawsuit filed by women who formerly worked at Nike draws attention to the issue of workplace discrimination at a company that is famed for its image of supporting strong women athletes. The complaint, filed in August in federal court, charges the athletic gear manufacturer with creating a hostile environment for women on the job.

Employers engaging in ad targeting could be violating the law

As a general rule, Texas employers aren't allowed to make hiring decisions about a potential employee based primarily on his or her age. However, it is unclear if advertising that only targets certain demographics is illegal. It is also uncertain whether recruiting only at colleges or selecting candidates based on their years of experience is illegal. According to a representative from Facebook, targeting certain demographics through a specific channel is not a violation of the law.

Confronting gender discrimination on the job

The rise of the #MeToo movement has highlighted the ongoing issues that women face on the job in Texas and across the country. Despite the successes women have achieved in many high-profile industries, they continue to face sexual harassment, pay discrimination and other types of mistreatment in the workplace. Employers also have a responsibility to prevent discrimination on the job, even when it is carried out by an employee rather than by policy, so it can be important for managers and human resources departments to keep a clear eye toward eliminating gender-based biases.

EEOC reported to be investigating Uber

Texas residents may be aware that some of the nation's largest and most innovative technology companies have been accused of treating female and minority workers unfairly. Uber's co-founder and CEO was ousted in June 2017 after a former engineer wrote about how she had been harassed and discriminated against during her time with the company, and media outlets reported on July 16 that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has launched an investigation into the employment practices of the ride-sharing giant.

Cities working to keep hotel employees safe

Hotel employees in Texas and throughout the nation can be vulnerable to sexual harassment on the job. However, some cities are taking steps to offer protection. In Seattle, hotel workers were given panic buttons in 2016 to use in case of an attack. Workers in New York City who are in unions have had that technology since 2013. A group called United Here has surveyed members to determine the prevalence of sexual assault among housekeepers.

Pregnancy discrimination a problem for many American companies

Texas mothers and mothers-to-be might be familiar with the discrimination that can take place in the workplace when an employee is pregnant. Despite any claims employers might make about caring for the health of pregnant employees, it is illegal in the United States to terminate a pregnant worker's employment.

How discharges can impact a veteran's employment opportunities

Veterans in Texas and elsewhere in the United States who are not honorably discharged may have difficulty finding employment. However, there is a middle ground between an honorable and dishonorable discharge, and those can be issued to those who are late or who use drugs. Some states are changing the rules to make sure that employers don't discriminate against those who were neither honorably or dishonorably discharged.

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