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LGBTQ rights may be established by city ordinance

Several major Texas cities are awaiting the outcome of a court case where each side is proclaiming that the U.S. Constitution favors their position. At issue is the right of those in the LGBTQ community to live and work free from discrimination. The state has no laws protecting the group from employment discrimination, but several cities have passed non-discrimination ordinances.

Signs of workplace age discrimination

A lawsuit was filed against corporate giant IBM by three former employees who accuse the company of age discrimination. Because of the nature of discrimination and the ever-changing American workplace, many people are not certain about what actions might constitute unlawful discrimination. The American Association of Retired Persons has published a guide designed to help people recognize the signs of workplace age discrimination. Employees in Texas might gain from the tips in the guide.

Improving workplace sexual harassment policies

More and more businesses throughout Texas are understanding the need for sexual harassment awareness in the workplace. Whether triggered by the sordid stories of countless women who have recently begun to share their experiences or perhaps by fear of legal action, employers are now understanding the benefits of having a comprehensive workplace discrimination policy. However, there remains a formidable gap between that realization and implementing a plan that's effective.

Sexual harassment common in health care workplaces

Any place of employment in Texas could be the scene of sexual harassment, and health care workplaces are no exception. A survey of over 6,200 nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants produced by Medscape indicated that 11 percent of respondents had experienced sexual misconduct and 14 percent had witnessed it. The survey defined harassment as unwanted touching, comments, sexual propositions and text messages and emails in addition to sexual favors for promotions, retaliation for refusal and rape.

More sexual harassment reported in media than other industries

Texas moviegoers and entertainment buffs may be interested to learn that, according to a study, 41 percent of women who are employed in the media and entertainment industry reported that they experienced sexual harassment from a boss or a colleague at some point during their careers. Further, 22 percent of men employed in the media industry reported that they had also experienced instances of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment in pediatric offices

Texas pediatric facilities can prevent sexual harassment by instituting policies that establish effective prevention and education methods. The policies should also provide no leniency for inappropriate actions, create clear rules and tools for addressing concerns and include suitable responses. It's important to note that people who work in environments rife with sexual harassment may suffer a decline in work performance and morale.

Suing for emotional distress damages

Workers in Texas might be able to seek financial damages for the emotional distress they incur if they suffered specific forms of workplace discrimination or harassment. This type of compensatory damages may be pursued in employment discrimination cases that are filed under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Wal-Mart and transgender employee settle discrimination claim

Texas employees may be interested to learn that Wal-Mart settled a discrimination lawsuit that had been filed by a transgender employee. The two parties filed a joint agreement to have the case dismissed in a federal North Carolina court. While the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, it was noted that the company admitted to no wrongdoing.

Women file pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against AT&T Mobility

Workplace discrimination based on a worker's protected class, including gender or pregnancy, is federally prohibited in Texas. Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination does occur. A federal lawsuit has been filed against AT&T Mobility by two women who allege that the company's attendance policy led to unfair discrimination against them based on pregnancy.

Harassment raises red flag for future workplace discrimination

The #MeToo phenomenon has revealed that companies frequently ignore sexual harassment complaints. The removal of six high-level executives at Nike after female employees covertly surveyed their colleagues about workplace abuses highlighted years of inaction from the company's human resources department. In the view of one legal scholar, companies in Texas and nationwide should see harassment as the gateway to discriminatory complaints.

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