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Suing for emotional distress damages

Workers in Texas might be able to seek financial damages for the emotional distress they incur if they suffered specific forms of workplace discrimination or harassment. This type of compensatory damages may be pursued in employment discrimination cases that are filed under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Wal-Mart and transgender employee settle discrimination claim

Texas employees may be interested to learn that Wal-Mart settled a discrimination lawsuit that had been filed by a transgender employee. The two parties filed a joint agreement to have the case dismissed in a federal North Carolina court. While the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, it was noted that the company admitted to no wrongdoing.

Women file pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against AT&T Mobility

Workplace discrimination based on a worker's protected class, including gender or pregnancy, is federally prohibited in Texas. Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination does occur. A federal lawsuit has been filed against AT&T Mobility by two women who allege that the company's attendance policy led to unfair discrimination against them based on pregnancy.

Harassment raises red flag for future workplace discrimination

The #MeToo phenomenon has revealed that companies frequently ignore sexual harassment complaints. The removal of six high-level executives at Nike after female employees covertly surveyed their colleagues about workplace abuses highlighted years of inaction from the company's human resources department. In the view of one legal scholar, companies in Texas and nationwide should see harassment as the gateway to discriminatory complaints.

Caste discrimination can be a painful workplace concern

South Asian Americans in Houston can face multiple forms of workplace discrimination, including the little-discussed case of caste discrimination. Caste hierarchy has an ancient history, but it has also been the target of campaigns for equality in South Asia as well as in the United States. In comparison to open discussions about caste in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan or Nepal, however, the impact of caste on a person's life may go unrecognized in the U.S.

Retailer agrees to settlement in discrimination lawsuit

Some black or Latino Texas residents who applied for but were rejected from a job at Target after a background check might be eligible to reapply for those jobs or could receive a payout. This agreement was part of the settlement by Target after a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of job applicants. The settlement is still pending court approval.

Independent contractors are largely unprotected at work

Today's workforce in Texas is rapidly changing with an increasing number of people engaging in contract work. While there are many more people who are working as independent contractors, the laws that protect people against workplace discrimination and harassment have not caught up to the changes.

NFL team faces discrimination suit from ex-cheerleader

Some Texas football fans might be aware that in the past few years, several NFL teams have been sued by cheerleaders. In 2013, the Oakland Raiderettes sued for overtime pay and the case ended in a $1.25 million settlement. The Buffalo Bills and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also been sued for violating wage laws. A former cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints has alleged in a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that the team discriminates against its cheerleaders by requiring them to follow rules that the players are not also required to follow.

Company reputation and discrimination lawsuits

Many Texas employees have to deal with hostile and discriminatory workplaces. In some cases, the situation may become so severe that a worker decides to file a discrimination lawsuit. As a serious legal step, filing a claim can be intimidating to many people. This is particularly true in cases where the employer is very well known and has a positive image.

Court says religion does not excuse workplace discrimination

Texas readers may be interested to learn that a federal appeals court recently ruled that employers cannot use religion as an excuse to violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The decision, which was handed down by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on March 7, is the first of its kind.

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